Training, seminars and instruction at all levels

Here with us everyone is welcome, no matter your experience and level.


Our hall was finished in 2015, it is 450 kvm with all agility obstacles. Vår number one priority is safety for the dogs. For that reason we offer obstacles of plastic, anti skid tunnels, frameless tyre, soft wall and long jump. 


Your dog is  our number one priority


Our beginner classes are known all over Norway, and we have had participants from all over the country. Either you choose seminars for a weekend, or one class a week you get a lot of new knowledge and get to see an entirely new side of your dog. This is just as much fun for you as for your dog. 


We offer seminars with both internal and external instructors from all over the world. During summer we use the outdoor field which is 70x30 metres. Here we can enjoy large courses and engage multiple instructors at once.


In 2018 we arranged our first Bingen Summer camp.


A three day camp with a good mixture of beginners and advances handlers. We had norwegian champions, dog handlers from the Norwegian Armed Forces and complete beginners. Our camp suits everyone. We offer 3 days with all meals, lots of traning day time ad lots of fun in the evening. Ages differed from 13-70 years.


Our camp was a huge success, and 50 people visited us during 6 days. We will repeat our camp in 2019 and increase to 60 spots. 


Incuding all this we also have a small shop inside our hall where you can buy toys and other dog products. 


Our webshop has been up and running just as long as our hall and we deliver quality obstacles all over Norway.



Bingen Agility offers dog training at all levels.

We will help you with any of your challenges.

"We train for Ole Kristoffer at Bingen each week and are always looking forward to our sessions. He offers exciting and challenging courses, good instruction and the ability to learn and laugh of your mistakes. Bingen has a good training environment, with positive teams and you can always get hellp from someone. It is comfortable with a large and bright arena indoor when it is cold and dark outside. Bingen has good quality obstacles with safety in mind. " - Andrea & Leah
«I first came to Bingen Agility about two years ago. I have remained there since. We have participated at seminars and weekly trainings 1-2 times a week. I was an insecure handler with an insecure dog, and Bingen Agility as not only helped us with the technical and physical traning, they have also helped mentally. Now we are both much more confident as a team. At Bingen you don't just run courses, you also get a deeper knowledge of what agility is and get a good foundation for both dog and handl

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