We're a dog center that offers seminars and trainings in agility. We started up in 2015 and is well known within norwegian agility.

Our main focus is positive dogtraining, where both dog and owner enjoys training and has fun learning. 

We offer trainings at all levels, both for those who wants to test agility and for the more experienced handlers.

We are located in Bingen about 30 minutes from Drammen. We have an 450 kvm indoor arena, top modern and safe agility equipment. During summer we have a 250 kvm field to train on.

We offer summer camps, beginner classes, contact obstacle classes and seminars with instructors from all over the world. At Bingen Agility you will always find something that suits you and your level.



Bingen Agility is owned and run by Ole Kristoffer. 


I started my agility career in 2009 with the family dog Bonsak. This was a cairn terrier, which is not so common at the agility field. I learned a lot from Bonsak, who ended his career in 2014 after two norwegian championships, and went all the way from complete beginner to class 3. In 2010 Bonsak got a prize for "Beginner of the year" and we won silver in the norwegian championship for juniors. 


In January 2014 I got my first own dog, the pyrenean shepherd Evo. A small dog with tons of energy and work capacity, something I have not seen before or after in any other dog. It was both interesting and fun to train such a different dog. 

To make a long story short; during the last years I and Evo has been competing in many different countries. We have also represented Norway in EO 2017, 2018 and WAO 2017, 2018 and 2019. 


In 2018 we became world champions in Games. 

Evo is also nordic jump champion.


In december 2018 our newest family member arrived. Little Dia is also a pyrenean shepherd, a dog with lots of work capacity and a stable head. I am really looking forward to watch her grow.  


I have been instructing for 7-8 years, and for the last three years this has been my full time job. I teach a lot of classes at home, where I offer classes every day through the week. At the same time I travel a lot around Norway to instruct at seminars both private and in dog clubs.


I love to watch a team of dog and handler grow. It is inspiring to see how much more confident they get just during a weekend. I put a lot of time and effort in understanding and positive teaching with both dog and their handler. In stead of yelling at the dog, we get the dog to work for a reward and takes the reward away if the dog fails. This makes the dog to want to work for the rewards. 


At the same time it is really important for me that both the dog and their handler understands what I am asking of them. And I never ask someone to do something without telling them my thoughts first. 


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